Welcome to the Locus store! Here you will find comics and custom commissions.


Each trade paperback below contains three issues of Locus. Click on the cover to be redirected to Indyplanet, where you can place your order.


Collects issues 1 through 3
Collects issues 4 through 6
Collects issues 7 through 9
Collects issues 10 through 12
Collects issues 13 through 15
Collects issues 16 through 18
Collects issues 19 and 20, plus cool fan art!


Every page of every comic I make is done on 2-ply bristol board, with the exception of some Silk & Honey pages (see below). The early pages of Locus were done on 11″x14″ bristol, but most of it (and almost all of Silk & Honey) were done on industry-standard 11″x17″ acid-free 2-ply bristol board. The art on the page measures 10″ wide and 15″ high, except for full-bleed pages which are larger.

Every page of every comic I make is also for sale! When you buy an original page, you get:

  1. The original black & white art: brush & ink (or, more rarely: pen & ink) on 2 ply bristol board
  2. A full-size (11″x17″) hi-resolution print of that page as it appears in the comic, printed on high-quality photo paper and full-color.

Each page of Locus is $150 plus shipping (which depends on where you live), and is shipped flat. Many pages have already sold, so please email me before you send payment! I don’t want you paying for a page that’s already sold.

Each page of Silk & Honey is $100 plus shipping, since those are black & white and do not come with a color print.

If you’d like an original page of comic art from Locus or Silk & Honey, please email me and let me know!


From pages 40 through 52, I ran out of bristol board, and drew Silk & Honey on 8.5″x11″ printer paper instead. Each panel was drawn on its own page, and measures 10 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

Each panel costs $10, plus $5 for an envelope and shipping (worldwide), and shipping costs are only $5 whether you buy one or all of them.

Please send me an email with the panel (or panels) you’d like to pick up, and if they’re not already sold, they’re yours!

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