Welcome to the front cover to Issue 18, which is one of the last three issues of Locus. Only 77 updates from here till the end, so strap in!

Reading right to left, it says, “Locus” at the top.

Right to left across the bottom, it says, “Una’to Xel” and “Unaph’to Xel’Duum”.

And I’ve only sold one print of the secret map to Heaven. You guys made Eden cry. Just sayin’.

I’m still busy as hell, all this week, but it’s all good work and good news for a change. Just bustin’ ass and makin’ money. I’m going to put up an Eden wallpaper soon, as well as finish my child theme so this poor site doesn’t look so ugly anymore.

If you dig this cover, please give me a vote up there with that TWC 100 button. I will get those incentives updated, too. Soon!

And thanks for the comments! I will jump in and reply if I get time today.

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Anna Goodman. The Locus. Stands about 6'6" (198cm) in those boots of hers. Locus is a lili'tu: a half-human, half-succubus child. She's the daughter of Eden the succubus and Isaac the human. She's also the keeper of Unaph'to Xel'Duum: the Wrath of the Life-Drinker. The sword thats kills humans at a touch, but can only be drawn by a human hand. Or, in her case, half-human.

Comics: 258
Recent Appearance: I20.P21
First Appearance: 01.FC

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