First off, check out the banner right above this text. That links to Grace Comes Home, which is a cool comic. Andrew Zar and I are doing some cross-promotional banner madness, so head over there and check out Grace! All the DarkBrain comics I’ve read so far are good, but I love monster women comics, and Grace has two monster women in it! It’s awesome.

So there you go! Issue 17! I hope you enjoyed it. We got to see Moondoggie wolf out and we got to see the Raath do the other thing it was designed to do (besides this, of course).

We got to see Xel’Duum again, as well as the longest scene with Hampstead since the comic began. And then we finally got to see Isaac and Eden eat the Fruit. I’ve been waiting since Issue 5 to draw this page, you know.

So yes, you get two cliffhangers this issue. Both will be resolved next issue. No more hanging plot threads. We’re too close to the end.

Stop by Wednesday for the front cover to Issue 18, which is one of the last three issues of Locus. I will talk more about that later on this week.

Fun note:

The map to Heaven is hidden in the artwork above. If you buy a print of this page, I will point it out to you and even give you a map of the whole Realms of the Dead. The print is 11″x17″, full-color and gorgeous. The map of the Realms of the Dead is a PDF. I’ll make a print of that later.

Now, if you buy the original art of this page, I will give you the original brush & inkwork on 11″x17″ bristol board, plus everything in the above paragraph. I will also stop making prints of the page, because I don’t make prints of pages which have sold.

Prints are $25 each or 2 for $40. Original artwork is $150; print is free.

If you’re interested in a print or original art from another page, email me! indigoshift@gmail.com

We’ll work it out.

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