Just like the inside front cover of last issue, we’re going to check in with Xel’Duum. Unlike last issue, however, this scene will show up in the comic, so stay tuned! You’ll get to meet Xel’Duum and her new friends soon.

Also, I am working on Locus promotion. This includes that “top 100 webcomics” site which I’ve been avoiding this whole time because it looked like an online popularity contest and overall pain in the ass. hahaha

I figured I’d give it a go, though, so you should see a “Vote for Locus!” on the right sidebar, between the Donate button and the Back Issues dropdown. Click that and gimme a vote! I’d offer an incentive for voting, but I have no idea what incentive you’d like. All those other sites offer nekkid pictures of their characters, and I give that to you all the time. Because I love you. I really do. Gimme a vote! Haaaaa.

Locus should also be listed on Comic Rank within the next couple of days, and she should be in the Top 50! Woo hoo! Still waiting for a mod to approve her going public as of this writing.

If there are any other promotional sites or Online Popularity Contests (annoying or awesome) that you think I should be cuddling up to, let me know!

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