And that’s it for Issue 16! I hope you liked it. I sure had fun with it.

And, in case you forgot, today is the last day of the Locus Sweet Sixteen art sale. Which means the original artwork (plus a bitchin’ full-color print) of this image is $100, today only. By this time tomorrow, this piece will be its usual price of $150 plus shipping. Likewise, you can get 2 prints for $40 today only. Tomorrow, they’ll be $25 each plus shipping.

If all that sounds too expensive, you can donate a buck or two with the Donate button at top right up there. And you can’t tell me Rasputin riding a Giant Stone Head with wicked metal wings out in the middle of the ocean isn’t worth a couple bucks. Hahahahaaaa

Thanks to everyone who has donated and bought artwork so far! Our friend Moose O Death donated a hundred bucks! And he’s got a whole WH40K army with a Bloodied Ones theme! Hit the forums and you’ll see how cool that is.

Stop by Friday! The cover to Issue 17 will be there for your viewing pleasure. As you know, I don’t normally like to put a cover on a Friday update, but I’m on a very specific, tight schedule here. Issue 17 is one of the Final Four issues of Locus!

It’s all gonna ramp up from now till the end, so stick around! Issue 17 is, in fact, the Hampstead Issue. He’s only had a couple quick scenes so far, but in #17 we will get to know him very well.

Madness and evil abound in Issue 17, so don’t miss it!

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Anna Goodman. The Locus. Stands about 6'6" (198cm) in those boots of hers. Locus is a lili'tu: a half-human, half-succubus child. She's the daughter of Eden the succubus and Isaac the human. She's also the keeper of Unaph'to Xel'Duum: the Wrath of the Life-Drinker. The sword thats kills humans at a touch, but can only be drawn by a human hand. Or, in her case, half-human.

Comics: 258
Recent Appearance: I20.P21
First Appearance: 01.FC

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