And so, we finally get to see Hampstead giving Unaph’to Xel’Duum to its original owner. We won’t see Xel’Duum for the rest of this issue. Other things will be going on, including that fight between Locus and the Mexican Special Forces! I wanted to show that fight from her point of view, in the past. Because writing is fun, and Locus is an Experiment.

Stop by Friday and check it out! Between now and then, hit the Locus Forums! They’re still a little buggy, but a lot of fun. Kinks are being worked out around all the nonsense, and you know you need more nonsense in your life. Everyone does!

Remember that Issue 16 is one of the final five Locus issues! I’m gonna wrap this thing up by April of 2012. I can’t tell you what’s next, other than I’m pretty sure Spook and Moondoggie are in it. Still not 100% positive, though.

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Willfred Hampstead. Before that, he was Grigori Rasputin; before that, Edward Kelley. A Necromancer. A seeker of knowledge.

Comics: 50
Recent Appearance: I20.P13
First Appearance: I02.P07

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