I had a lot more fun coloring this page than I thought I would.

Stop by Wednesday for a picture of Hampstead! Oh boy.

See, Issue 16 is one of the final five issues of Locus, so I’ll be seeing her out with a bang. The Experiment I began in October of 2008 will be over in early April of 2012.

After that, I have something else planned. I may or may not drop hints in the Locus Forums about what this Next Thing might be. Head over there and make an account!

And thanks again to Etzel and Seebo for volunteering for the thankless job of Forum Admin! Cool things are coming your way, as soon as the last five issues are scripted up.

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Anna Goodman. The Locus. Stands about 6'6" (198cm) in those boots of hers. Locus is a lili'tu: a half-human, half-succubus child. She's the daughter of Eden the succubus and Isaac the human. She's also the keeper of Unaph'to Xel'Duum: the Wrath of the Life-Drinker. The sword thats kills humans at a touch, but can only be drawn by a human hand. Or, in her case, half-human.

Comics: 258
Recent Appearance: I20.P21
First Appearance: 01.FC

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