On my side of the Equator, it’s Springtime, and I sure as hell missed springtime. I’ve been in Arizona for the last five years, and they only have two seasons there: Idaho summer and Arizona summer. It was monotonous.

But now we’re in this house and the grass seed’s been planted and it’s raining (and roof’s still not leaking!) and it’s springtime!

Eden is the Goddess of Springtime in the Realms of the Dead. She’s a nice contrast to her daughter on the previous page. Click back and forth for a minute! It’s fun.

And you betcher ass this one’s up for grabs! Same deal as before. Let me know. I will say that this is my favorite picture of Eden so far, but that’s because of the secret I put in it. It’s a big secret, too.

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A succubus. Mother of Locus, and twin sister to Silk. Head of the Chroniclers' Clan.

Comics: 80
Recent Appearance: I20.P21
First Appearance: I04.FC

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