Here’s the inside front cover, and two people we haven’t seen in awhile.  And, just as it says up there, I’d like to thank Nick Garcia and Andrew Barajas for their help with some Spanish dialogue for this issue.

When I was a kid, all you had to do to show another language in comics was to put the translation in brackets, followed by an asterisk leading to a footnote.  Kind of like this:

<Hey, dudes! Let’s party!>*

*(translated from Moondoggese–Ed.)

And that worked 30 years ago, before the internet brought us all closer together.  But now?  No.

There’s no reason for me to do that when I’ve got readers all over the world who are willing to help me out.  And you guys came through!  I’d like to also thank everyone else who offered to help, from Spain to Cuba, from Columbia to San Diego…at least ten people offered to assist, and I felt bad for turning so many people down.

At some point this year, I will be asking for more translation assistance, but that’s a ways off yet.  Stay tuned!

And stop by Friday for page one!  Let’s get this thing running again after last month’s break.  It’s the beginning of the end for this story, and I’m gonna make it one to remember.

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