It was pointed out to me awhile ago that some of you were in dire need of a synopsis. This is my attempt at such. It may or may not be a good attempt.

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Locus’ father, and one of only two people with Unveiled Eyes. Locus, of course, is the other. She has her Dad's eyes.

Comics: 206
Recent Appearance: I20.P21
First Appearance: I01.P06


Anna Goodman. The Locus. Stands about 6'6" (198cm) in those boots of hers. Locus is a lili'tu: a half-human, half-succubus child. She's the daughter of Eden the succubus and Isaac the human. She's also the keeper of Unaph'to Xel'Duum: the Wrath of the Life-Drinker. The sword thats kills humans at a touch, but can only be drawn by a human hand. Or, in her case, half-human.

Comics: 258
Recent Appearance: I20.P21
First Appearance: 01.FC

Uncle Spook

Shen'to Bana'i, the Eater of Spiders. 6'9" (206cm), not including those spines on his head. Silk's husband; Locus' uncle. He can mask his thoughts.

Comics: 177
Recent Appearance: I20.P24
First Appearance: 01.IFC

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