Welcome to Locus Year Three!

It’s not much yet, but I’m still learning how to do this.  It might be a little bare for awhile, but I’ll work at it steadily.  My CSS has lapsed terribly in the past six or seven years–at least.  I’m relearning it all right now, and it’s taking awhile.  If you’d like to take a crack at the style sheet for this page, feel free to send one to me.

Hopefully, the comic itself will keep you coming back to visit while I throw some paint and shit on this cookie-cutter apartment.  Speaking of which:

If you dig the cover, let me know.  I have wallpapers done up.  I will be setting up my trusty “Donate” button again real soon.  You click on it and throw a couple bucks this way, and you’ll get three wallpapers–one of which has old Xel’Duum art from 2004 that you may have never seen before.  Should be cool.  As soon as I figure out how to make my trusty “Donate” button do that.  I was told it maybe possibly could be done.  I will be looking into it.

(note that, while the Donate button is back, it doesn’t give you wallpapers yet…so if you donate, leave your screen resolution in the comments and I’ll email the wallpapers to you directly)

Because Year Three is the big year.  The year Locus starts making me some bucks, or I call the experiment a bust and move on to something else.  I’ve been told by more than one person that Year Three is usually the year that you start making money on a webcomic, so I’m fairly excited.  Still a little skeptic, though.

That’s enough babbling, though.  Make an account and say Hi!  I’m genuinely glad you showed up.  And look who else showed up?  My friend, Stephanie Pickard:

Stephanie (a.k.a. “Stef Leppard”) was the lead guitarist for Cockpit for awhile, and is a genuinely nice (and obviously talented) person.  She is currently in the L.A. area, starting a new band because she can’t get through a day without melting someone’s face with her guitar.  Thanks for the lesson in shredding, Stef!

I’ll be introducing you to some of my other friends this month, because it’s lots of fun.  Keep an eye on this spot!

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