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To the rest of us, Hampstead is a bad guy. The biggest monster.

But to Dee, he’s a friend who lost his way.

In completely unrelated news: my real life is busy again. Getting the house winterized is taking a lot of my time right now. It’s getting colder, here. November snuck up on me! I hear the eastern US is snowed in. It’s not that bad here, but there are still things to do to this old house to insure that this winter isn’t as cold as last winter was.

I will stop by as I’m able to answer comments and forum posts. Fall is apparently a busy time at my house! It’s our first fall here, so it’s a surprise to me, too. It’s fun, though.


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I introduced this cane back in issue 4! It’s taken me 14 issues to get to the point where I can show you what it does. Crazy.

And happy birthday to Tiphanie! Her birthday was yesterday. She is the first Locus fan to ever get to shoot Spook’s gun. I’ll see if I can get that online this week to show it to you. It was a lot of fun to draw.

Stop by Wednesday! Dee has some history to talk about, and some secrets to reveal about Hampstead.

And don’t forget to have a Happy Halloween tonight! Don’t get a mouthful of razor blades.

Unless you work for Jim Rose or something.


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Originally, Moondoggie had different (and more) dialogue, but then he fell asleep. Which is why the bottom panel is missing. But that’s what it’s like to work with Moondoggie. He’s not always reliable, but he works cheap.

Stop by Monday! Let’s see something we haven’t seen since Issue 10!


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Hampstead fights dirty.

And speaking of fighting dirty, go check out Raven’s Dojo! If you’ve ever seen the movie Basket Case, a Blue Screen of Death, a secret graveyard, or a dragon in a suit, then the latest RD page should be right up your alley! Go check it out!


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If it’s not clear in the last panel, Locus’ finger lightly brushed one of sleeping Eden’s curls.

So does that count? Is Hampstead going to know they’re in his head?

In other news: more roof repairs! It has put me a couple days behind in everything I’ve been doing. I’m going to spend as much time this week as I can to get worked ahead again, but I’ll drop in and check comments and forum posts. Won’t be online much else than that this week.

Half-asleep right now, so I’m gonna finish up here and go to bed!


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People have been asking me since the comic started: “How does she get her hair to do that? Is that hairspray? Magic?”

The answer is: she gets it from her mother.

And hey! It’s Friday the 13th. Go watch a horror movie tonight. I recommend Phantasm, because that’s a big influence on Locus and my work in general. I saw this movie when I was 9 years old, and it’s left an indelible mark on everything I write and draw.

My kids are in their late teens and early 20s right now, and I showed them Event Horizon when they were 8 and 13. Phantasm, too! Everyone needs a traumatic horror movie experience at a young age. If you have children about this age, tonight’s the night to introduce them to the irreplaceable and life-improving experience of Surprise B-Grade Horror.

Don’t deny your children this precious gift! If you do, they’ll grow up to be automatons under the sinister control of the Disney Corporation, and you don’t want that shit, man.

And if you’d like a custom-sized super-cool computer wallpaper of Locus’ monster face in panel 3, drop two bucks on my donate button up there! There will be a place to enter a message–put your screen resolution in that message. Otherwise, I have to email you and it takes longer to get your wallpaper to you.

I’ll be selling this wallpaper today only! I’m working ahead this weekend.


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Isaac and Eden are determined to take that walk together. They’re not going to let something like godlike beings stand in their way!

Also: Kid Locus! Her first official appearance in this comic. This is also the second time Dad, Mom and Daughter have been on the same page.

Stop by Friday! You’ll like it.


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It was pointed out to me awhile ago that some of you were in dire need of a synopsis. This is my attempt at such. It may or may not be a good attempt.

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. I will reply to (nearly) every single one–usually with an answer!

Soon there will be forums, and we can do all our Q&A and FAQ work there.

Stop by Friday for page one! And go grab a friend and sit them down and show them Locus. Year Three is the perfect time to introduce new readers to the comic!

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