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I think that Nefilim did that on purpose…almost as if he was trying to make sure Silk couldn’t fly away again!

Stop by Friday, and let’s see what’s going on with Dee and Hampstead.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for buying me comics when I was a kid.


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That Nefilim picked the wrong succubus!

Who’s gonna win this particular fight? Stop by Wednesday! Let’s find out!


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I hope you had a good Christmas! Or whatever you celebrated. It was Christmas at my house yesterday; tell me in the comments what it was at your house!

Okay, I’m lying. It was actually December 3rd yesterday. I’m writing this from THE PAST! Working ahead! Woo hoo!

Oh, and be warned: Spook will be writing his own dialogue for most of this fight. It’ll all sound like what you see on this page.

Stop by Wednesday! Let’s zoom in on Dee and Silk for a couple pages.

And then we’ll get to Locus and Xel’Duum!


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Locus wins again!

Stop by Monday! We haven’t seen Spook & Moondoggie work since…shit. How long has it been?


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I didn’t plan this to be a Friday cliffhanger, but it is. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t smiling about it right now. hahaha

So what’s she gonna do to take out the Raath? You’ve got all weekend to figure that out.

Hint: Issue 13.

See you Monday!


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A nice little group shot of our heroes, showing their SRSBZNS faces.

Stop by Friday! Page one! The beginning of the end!

I’m so excited.


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And there you go! Issue 18.

Stop by Monday! Issue 19 begins then, and I’m serious when I say “to be concluded”. I’m gonna send this comic out with a bang, and Issue 19 is when that begins.

I meant to say this on the last page, but I’m crazy busy right now:

My Deepest Thanks to everyone for your help with the Chipin drive! Thanks to you guys, I will be able to finish this comic without worrying about what’s in the fridge or which bills need to be paid.

You guys are the best! Thanks for reading Locus and for wanting to see the end of the story. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Those of you who chipped in ten bucks and got on the Sneak-Peek Mailing List should be able to attest to that. You’re already on page 3 of the next issue! And you can’t tell me you saw that coming.

There are still 44 slots for that list, by the way. Throw $10 this way and I’ll hook you up!

If you’re on the list already and like what you’re seeing so far, let everyone know in the comments below! But don’t give away any surprises, especially today’s!

Thanks again! See you Monday. Between now and then, check out Raven’s latest commission! He makes all that wet watery stuff look so easy. I’m gonna eat his brain and steal his powers.


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Dee’s house and library were ransacked and burned before he died, so most of panel one is based on historical fact.

And yes, that is Spook in panel two.

That’s it for this scene! I hope you liked Dee’s point of view. Stop by Monday! Let’s see what’s going on in Heaven.

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