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Looks like she’s gonna be Daddy’s Little Girl for sure! A real chip off the old block.

And that’s it! The End! For real this time, I swear!

Stop by Wednesday for a sneak-peek sketch at Spook and Silk’s daughter!

I will also be giving credit where credit is due to all the people who have helped me out to bring you Locus. So read that blog post!

After that…well…stay tuned! I have two more Locus-related comics to bring you, as well as two (possibly three) crossovers with other creators. Not to mention the non-Locus projects I’ve had to put on hold until I was done with this one.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with the comic all the way to the end! I know the art and story were pretty iffy in spots, but all in all I’m proud of it.

When I started the comic, I said that Locus was an experiment. Somewhere around Year 2 or Year 3, this comic went from being an experiment to a laboratory where I was able to perform many experiments. I fiddled with art, layout, storytelling, coloring, presentation…Locus taught me a great many things and I’m grateful for it.

I’m even more grateful that you guys stuck around to watch me hash all this stuff out. The comics that are coming after Locus will be even better, thanks to your feedback and support.

I really do appreciate you guys. Thank you!

Print comics and other merchandise, as well as site revamping are on the way!


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This is the last Friday Cliffhanger for Locus! I hope you liked it.

Only one page left! Stay tuned!


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Ah, the miracle of life.

Spook’s instructions were quite specific for this scene:

1. Get down there where the baby will be making her entrance.
2. Take her gently as she emerges.
3. Don’t eat the baby!

All in all, he did admirably. Silk, too!


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Moondoggie’s not one for long (or even short) goodbyes. He’d rather head back to the lake house and make sure the beers are cold for the inevitable after-fight party.

Stop by Monday! Eden has something important to say to her sister.


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It’s time for everyone to start saying their goodbyes, and that’s what this week will be about.

But stay tuned! There are six more pages left, and a surprise.


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Not much of a Friday cliffhanger. More of an explanation of how time travel can really mess up your day if you go too far back and change too many fundamental things.

So you’ve got all weekend to tell me what you think about the “Hampstead Loop” theory of time travel here. Would that happen to anyone who went backwards and changed something important? Let me know what you think!

And stop by Monday. A few more loose ends get tied up, and then some goodbyes.

We are almost done, after all. But don’t worry. There’s a surprise at the end!


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Everybody’s alive! That’s good news.

Stop by Monday! Spook has a very weird story to tell.


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You always have to keep your eye on a succubus. They’ll always try to distract you in a fight.

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