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If this page confuses you, go back and re-read this page. That page went online almost exactly one year ago! Interesting coincidence.

So how did Locus get her hands on Una’to Xel? That question isn’t explicitly answered in the comic, but it’s already been implied.

Stop by Wednesday! Now that the fight’s begun, it’s going to run from now until the end!


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I didn’t plan this to be a Friday cliffhanger, but it is. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t smiling about it right now. hahaha

So what’s she gonna do to take out the Raath? You’ve got all weekend to figure that out.

Hint: Issue 13.

See you Monday!


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Stay tuned! It just gets weirder from here, man. Seriously.

And this will probably be the most controversial page since Issue Six. If this bothers you, email me! We’ll talk about it.


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Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

This page was so much fun to draw. This while issue should be that way, so stay tuned! Now’s also a good time to get someone you know reading Locus, too!


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The cover to Issue 19! Xel’Duum vs. Locus! Those of you who have been around since the beginning will not be disappointed. Those of you who have just discovered Locus will also be un-disappointed.

Now is, in fact, the perfect time to get your friends reading! Send ‘em over! I’m excited to show you the end of this story.

Originally, there were many more things going on in the background of this image, but I didn’t want to give anything away.

Stop by Wednesday! The inside front cover is even cooler.


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And there you go! Issue 18.

Stop by Monday! Issue 19 begins then, and I’m serious when I say “to be concluded”. I’m gonna send this comic out with a bang, and Issue 19 is when that begins.

I meant to say this on the last page, but I’m crazy busy right now:

My Deepest Thanks to everyone for your help with the Chipin drive! Thanks to you guys, I will be able to finish this comic without worrying about what’s in the fridge or which bills need to be paid.

You guys are the best! Thanks for reading Locus and for wanting to see the end of the story. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Those of you who chipped in ten bucks and got on the Sneak-Peek Mailing List should be able to attest to that. You’re already on page 3 of the next issue! And you can’t tell me you saw that coming.

There are still 44 slots for that list, by the way. Throw $10 this way and I’ll hook you up!

If you’re on the list already and like what you’re seeing so far, let everyone know in the comments below! But don’t give away any surprises, especially today’s!

Thanks again! See you Monday. Between now and then, check out Raven’s latest commission! He makes all that wet watery stuff look so easy. I’m gonna eat his brain and steal his powers.


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Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

For the record: this page is the reason the cover to Issue Three looks like it does. I didn’t want her natural hair color to be a surprise.

Stay tuned this week! Let’s wrap this thing up. Two more pages!

And then…hoo boy.


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Welcome to the front cover to Issue 18, which is one of the last three issues of Locus. Only 77 updates from here till the end, so strap in!

Reading right to left, it says, “Locus” at the top.

Right to left across the bottom, it says, “Una’to Xel” and “Unaph’to Xel’Duum”.

And I’ve only sold one print of the secret map to Heaven. You guys made Eden cry. Just sayin’.

I’m still busy as hell, all this week, but it’s all good work and good news for a change. Just bustin’ ass and makin’ money. I’m going to put up an Eden wallpaper soon, as well as finish my child theme so this poor site doesn’t look so ugly anymore.

If you dig this cover, please give me a vote up there with that TWC 100 button. I will get those incentives updated, too. Soon!

And thanks for the comments! I will jump in and reply if I get time today.

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