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Well, that was fun. Nice to see that those two got back together and are enjoying themselves.

Wave farewell to Isaac and Eden. Let’s get back to that thing I showed you on the cover. The rest of this issue is full of violence and surprises, so strap in and get your barf bag ready.

Thanks to everyone who grabbed a Kid Locus Monster Face wallpaper! And big thanks to everyone who has ordered a custom comic page so far! I’m not taking any new commissions for awhile. I’ll let you know when I’ve got time to do more! It’ll be as soon as I can, because they’re a lot of fun to work on.

Hey! Between now and the next page, go check out Stef Leppard’s cover of Coheed and Cambria’s “Welcome Home”. Tell her I sent you and don’t forget to call her Stef Leppard. She digs that.


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People have been asking me since the comic started: “How does she get her hair to do that? Is that hairspray? Magic?”

The answer is: she gets it from her mother.

And hey! It’s Friday the 13th. Go watch a horror movie tonight. I recommend Phantasm, because that’s a big influence on Locus and my work in general. I saw this movie when I was 9 years old, and it’s left an indelible mark on everything I write and draw.

My kids are in their late teens and early 20s right now, and I showed them Event Horizon when they were 8 and 13. Phantasm, too! Everyone needs a traumatic horror movie experience at a young age. If you have children about this age, tonight’s the night to introduce them to the irreplaceable and life-improving experience of Surprise B-Grade Horror.

Don’t deny your children this precious gift! If you do, they’ll grow up to be automatons under the sinister control of the Disney Corporation, and you don’t want that shit, man.

And if you’d like a custom-sized super-cool computer wallpaper of Locus’ monster face in panel 3, drop two bucks on my donate button up there! There will be a place to enter a message–put your screen resolution in that message. Otherwise, I have to email you and it takes longer to get your wallpaper to you.

I’ll be selling this wallpaper today only! I’m working ahead this weekend.


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Isaac and Eden are determined to take that walk together. They’re not going to let something like godlike beings stand in their way!

Also: Kid Locus! Her first official appearance in this comic. This is also the second time Dad, Mom and Daughter have been on the same page.

Stop by Friday! You’ll like it.


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If you were one of the people who guessed that there were children inside those stone heads, give yourself a treat today! You were right.

Stay tuned! We’re going to see Kid Locus in a couple of pages, and a question long-asked will finally be answered.

In other news: keep those commission requests coming in! Our good friend Cocomonkey (who is officially Moondoggie’s Number One Fan) has a multi-page commission coming where she changes into a werewolf herself! Moondoggie will be in that scene somehow, but I haven’t figured out exactly how yet. And there will also be a deleted scene from Issue 5, starring another Locus reader! It’s gonna be cool.

One of the cool things about these commissions is that I get to talk to fans via email and learn about where they live and what they do. If you’re in Colorado and need plumbing done, Cocomonkey will totally help you out! If you’re a Locus fan, tell her when you talk to her and she’ll give you 15% off! Locus Fans Unite! Hell yeah. You can get your sink unclogged and talk about your favorite webcomic at the same time! Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Also, I’m working hard to get you guys a forum! I love forums, because that’s another way for you guys to connect with each other. I am just now finding time to get my two forum admins (also Locus fans!) pointed in the right direction so they can start getting that set up. Stay tuned!


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And that’s it for this scene! Explanations next week, as well as a rare glimpse at Locus when she was just a little squirt. Two weeks from now: Locus vs. the Mexican Army! Don’t miss it!

And don’t miss Raven’s Dojo, goddammit! You think you know weird? You don’t know jack! There’s an equal amount of creepy and hilarious going on over there, so spend the weekend getting caught up with Raven’s crazy-ass comic!

Finally: Thanks to everyone who has requested a one-page Locus comic commission! Lots of cool and interesting ideas hitting my inbox this week. Scenes with Moondoggie, Silk, and even one with the weird patrons in Moondoggie’s bar from Issue 5! I’ll show you guys once the art’s done. You’ll dig it.

And if you’d like to star in your own one-page Locus comic, email me! I’ll draw you and someone else interacting with any Locus character you like. It’s $150 for the original art and a full-color print (both 11″x17″).

Or, if you’d like something a little cheaper, I will make a full-color, full-bleed 11″x17″ print of any Locus page you’ve read so far for only $25! Plus shipping, of course, but that probably won’t run more than ten bucks. Unless you live in another dimension like Sammael or Hampstead. Then it’s anyone’s guess!

Regardless, thanks for reading! And greets to all the new Redditors! I’ve been a Redditor for five years now (this is my reddit account), and it’s great to have reddit friends checking out the comic. Whichever link you used to get here, give it an upvote!

See you crazy kids on Monday!


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Thanks for checking out the One-Page Comic commission on the previous page!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled comic already in progress. And I would like to say that this conversation makes perfect sense to Isaac. If you could see what he’s looking at right now, it would make perfect sense to you, too!

Stop by Wednesday! It gets spooky.


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Well there you go! The Tripht. I hope it was worth the wait.

Of course, the original page is for sale, as are prints. Whomever buys the original will get not one but two sheets of original art on bristol–I drew this page twice, because I didn’t like the inkwash so I redid it. If you’re interested, email me!

Stop by Wednesday! Isaac faces down the Forces of Nature.


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I could tell you that this cliffhanger was unintentional, but that would be lying. Come back on Monday! You will like this scene. I know you will.

I am currently working on a fan club for Locus, and am very close to being done…finally! The big problems now are the things I don’t have time to take care of. Like the forum, for example.

I need someone to run my forums. If you’re a Locus fan and you know how to handle a phbBB forum, I will be more than glad to give you free membership for life and artwork in exchange for assistance. And I promise you won’t be chained to this forever. I just need some help with it now and for the near future. Send me email! We’ll work it out.

Prints and original art sales are picking up, too. First appearances and covers are being sold as we speak. I need to go back through the comic archives and mark which have been sold. If there is a page you really want for your own, email me! The full-size, full-color, full-bleed prints are gorgeous. I’ve got some hanging up in the studio right now!

If you don’t want to splurge on original artwork, prints are also available for $25 plus shipping. The covers to Issues 13 and 15 look great hung up next to each other, by the way.

I’d also like to look into creating limited-edition figures through Patch Together, so if there’s a character you’d like to see in real-life standing next to your monitor, let me know! And I’m still looking for a place that will do full-size prints on the back of a t-shirt. I got one Locus Wings t-shirt made, but that’s it so far. Not to mention that “Team Moondoggie” shirt…or is it too late for that? I live under a rock. I don’t know these things.

Have a good weekend!

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