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Eden is one of the only characters in this comic who would make that connection based upon the name of the sword. Remember, she’s always been the smart one! She even memorized the map when she was a child. And she’s a librarian, so she understands language. I have at least one librarian reader, and I hope he’s entertained by this page!

What’s funny is that I lost readers way back at the end of Issue Four because of Eden’s “sexy nurse” scene. I got some angry emails because of that scene, and I tried to reassure everyone who emailed me that Eden’s best scenes were yet to come.

I hope that at least a couple of you are still reading. If so, I hope the scenes with Eden in the Realms of the Dead have been fun for you. They sure have been fun for me! I like writing smart girls.

Stop by Friday! I will finally reveal that dude in the bushes.


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Say what now? Una’to Xel? Isn’t that the sword that Locus gave to Xel’Duum last issue? Who writes this shit?

While you’re mulling this over, feel free to check out Raven’s Dojo! Raven is showing his commissions, and they’re absolutely awesome. Fifty bucks is a steal for kickass art of that quality!

And speaking of awesome, my good friend DJ Coffman has finally launched Trader Don’s, a M/W/F webcomic about a magic Tiki Bar.

DJ never fails to entertain, so head on over there and give it a look! If you leave a comment, tell him I sent you! :)

Stop back on Wednesday! The plot will thicken like delicious gravy, I promise.


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Abdiel! His name means “servant of God”, and he’s been quite a servant in his time. He used to guard the gate to the Garden of Eden. Now he is the gate to Heaven.

He is also one of Sammael’s angels. You can tell because his symbol is asymmetrical. Go back to the inside front cover and check it out! That is officially his first appearance, by the way, and that page was sold to a nice Locus fan in B.C.

So will he let Isaac and Eden into Heaven? Stop by Friday and find out!

In other news: my shoulder is getting better, which I hope is obvious, especially in the inking. Woo hoo!

And if you’re having trouble getting to either this site or the forums, let me know! I’m using CloudFlare now, which seems to be reducing the brownouts. Hopefully they’ll be gone for good soon.

I’m still flying by the seat of my pants in the “host your own stuff” department, so thanks for your patience. See you Friday!


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The gate looks a little smaller in person, doesn’t it? Angels like doing things like that, but angelic shenanigans should be no surprise by now.

Lots of things to talk about today. Let’s get started:

First off: the shoulder’s doing better, obviously. Page 4 here is the first page this issue that actually looks like I inked it, which is always nice. Thanks again for your patience!

Second: I was a guest on the TGT podcast two days ago. There was some trouble streaming it live, but it got recorded just fine. You can check it out here. My thanks to Kurt Sasso, the host, and James Riot, who is one of my comic-makin’ friends. You can check out Riot’s site here, as well as via the comic links at the upper right up there.

I was pretty nervous for that podcast because I realized that it would be the first time I’ve ever actually had a recorded interview since Locus started. I may or may not have made a good first impression. hahaaa

I’m up for more interviews or podcasts, so if you or someone you know is having a slow news day, let me know!

Third: Today’s page features Invisible Zorro, who is one of Raven’s characters. He’s everywhere!

Speaking of Raven, you guys are watching the end of the crazy Moon adventure, aren’t you? Of course you are, because Raven’s Dojo is more fun than the back of a cereal box! There’s even a maze on the latest page! It’s fun for the whole family!

Fourth: due to the bad news and injuries last week, I’m a week late in shipping artwork. But no worries! If yours is a time-sensitive commission, you’re still gonna get it on time. No worries there!

Everyone else will have their art in the mail this week. Sorry for the wait. I need an assistant!

Stop by Wednesday! Let’s get formally introduced to Abdiel. I have many surprises in store this issue.


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My apologies for the quality of the art. On top of EVERYTHING ELSE this week, I have injured the shoulder attached to my drawing hand. Hopefully this page will be the only one affected by this. My range of motion is poor and the pain is strong, so not much blog posting today.

I will be on a podcast tomorrow, but I can’t remember the specifics right now. I will post them in the comments later.

Also: go read Raven’s Dojo! The Omega Dog is back! It’s the greatest “oh shit it’s still alive” moment since Aliens, and you know you love that movie. So go check it out!

See you Monday!


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Isaac and Eden are gonna go find some answers.

I will probably go back and redo this page at some point. It’s far, far from my best, and that’s due to a bunch of bad news the past couple of days.

And I’ve redone the previous page because I forgot Isaac’s necklace. Sorry, guys. Bad news has a way of finding its way into my art if I’m not vigilant about it.

At any rate: stop by Friday! Eden was the head of the Chronicler’s Clan, remember. She’s like this comic’s sexy librarian. She will be sharing her knowledge about the Forbidden Fruit and the way to Heaven.

Between now and then, check out Raven’s Dojo! Raven has a sexy librarian character, too! I did some fan art of Rosetta Stone a couple months ago. She’s as much fun to draw as she is to read about.


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Raise your hand if you saw this coming.

The original artwork is actually much larger than what you see here. I turned the bristol on its side when I drew Isaac and Eden. Eden is about nine inches tall, in fact. I put a photo up as a vote incentive today, so give Locus a vote and you’ll see a photo of the original artwork.

Which is, of course, for sale. Email me if you’re interested! You can email me if you’re not interested, too. We’re all friends here.

Stop by Wednesday! 75 pages left, and they all start here. In the middle of nowhere.


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I’m sorry this page is so slow, but I do need to show you that he has these three things.

So are they gonna eat it? Stop by Monday and find out!


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Eden knows what to do with the Forbidden Fruit, but is that really a surprise at this point? She’s the smartest woman you’ve ever met!

Some important announcements:

The “Donate for a Sneak-Peek” button will be going away soon; you can stop using it now. I can’t keep up with it. Sorry, guys. And I haven’t been keeping up with the vote incentives for a week now, but that’s because of a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff. A site redesign, some collaboration with some other comic artists and sites…so much going on right now.

I will get back on the vote incentives once I’m back on schedule for Locus pages. That will be later this week. I appreciate all the votes so far! You guys are throwing lots of new traffic this way.

There is a lot of traffic coming from Russia, too, now that Locus is being translated into Russian by Shihad! Thanks, man! And welcome to all the Russians!

You Russians should be reading Raven’s Dojo, Cyko Kid, The Path, Phineus, Endstone, Chaos Campus and Dynagirl! There are links up there to the right of the comic. Check ‘em all out.

(You can click that stuff if you’re not Russian, too. I’ll let ya.)


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What the hell, Adam Black? Are you telling me that the previous page is going to be a cliffhanger for more than the weekend? Why you gotta write like that?

This is the second-to-last Big Cliffhanger, so enjoy it! I just got done finalizing the script for the final three issues of Locus, which starts next week. We are that close to the end. Only 82 updates away.

But first, Isaac and Eden.

In other important news, Raven has finished his move. There was a hurricane going on at the time, but he got through it anyway and is back on track with Raven’s Dojo!

You should start reading from here if you’re gonna get caught back up on the crazy moon adventures and the coolest moon dog I’ve…ever . . .

No. Wait.

Raven, you bastard! *shakes fist*

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