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Stop by Monday for a really weird plot twist that only Eden can explain.

Between now and then, go follow me on Twitter. Now that Locus is coming to an end, that’s where I’ll be posting announcements about the Next Thing(s).

Spook finally talked me into it. You know Spook’s on Twitter, right? Go follow him, too! He puts everyone into two lists: people he should eat, and those he shouldn’t.


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Everybody’s alive! That’s good news.

Stop by Monday! Spook has a very weird story to tell.


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And they’re off!

That’s the last we’ll see of Heaven and Adam, too. In this story, at least.

One of these days, I want to do a story of Isaac and Eden running around the Realms of the Dead, just checking everything out. In that story, they travel from world to world and they get to see how those worlds have fared in the aeons since the Bloodied Ones went away.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, so if you’re reading from there, Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to you guys, I will have an honest-to-god Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you! Seriously.

Also, thanks to you guys, official studio mascot and uncredited co-writer Thulsa Doom got to have his Thanksgiving early! He hasn’t eaten in weeks, but last night he got two delicious mice. Two!

You can view Thulsa Doom enjoying your generosity by clicking here and here. The green thing outside the tank in the first photo is the papasan I sit in when writing Locus. Thulsa Doom is very helpful in the writing process simply by being the world’s most awesome corn snake. He’ll be 10 years old next summer! That’s the longest I’ve ever had a pet. Thanks again for helping me feed him!

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Stop by Friday! Skip all that “Black Friday” bullshit and check back in with Spook, Silk, Dee and Moondoggie! They’re going to prepare to jump to the world of Xel’Duum’s Temple.

Only four pages left this issue! Two more surprises are on their way before Issue 18 is over. Don’t miss it!


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The Wheel is a little behind the times. Back in his day, succubi were much taller and an Indigeni with a sword meant something else altogether! Re-read Issue 13 if any of those concepts is unclear to you.

So…is Adam an Indigeni? Yes and no.

Technically, he is. But he’s not the kind of Indigeni the Wheel is used to. The Wheel is used to the humans from Xel’Duum’s day. Adam was created much, much later.

Stop by Wednesday! Let’s see how this turns out. Between now and then, check out Raven’s new site, Kickbutton.com! He has five awesome zombie-themed buttons for only five bucks! The zombie cat is my favorite, and it’ll be yours, too! Go have a look!

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Sammael’s Wheel. Traditionally known as an Ezekiel’s Wheel, but, of course, it’s a little different that what you might have read. It wouldn’t be a Locus comic any other way!

Stop by Monday! Interesting things happen!

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I probably shouldn’t tell you this now, but there’s going to be a surprise next year for everyone who donated. Stay tuned!


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This is the page I’ve been talking about: Page 60. As in: there are 59 updates left before Locus is done. It’s a big milestone for me. I’m stoked to get this story put to bed. I’ve never written or drawn a comic this large before, and I’m about ready to be done. hahahaa

I’m just gonna crank these pages out one a day until they’re done. They’ll still go online M/W/F.

Anyway, stop by Friday to see the Wheel!

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So there you go! Adam and the Wheel are friends, or at least acquaintances. Stop by Wednesday and hear what Adam has to say about how he got into Heaven, among other things.

Between now and then, check out the bitchin’ commissions that Raven is putting up on his site. And don’t forget to check out DJ’s new comic, Trader Don’s. It has magic tikis and a cute redhead! Among other things, of course.


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There’s a music-related joke (possibly a pun) on this page, but it’s too subtle. I will be genuinely surprised if anyone gets it.

Stop by Monday! Isaac and Eden learn some things from Adam.

Between now and then, please consider donating a couple bucks for a map of the Realms of the Dead, using the handy link right under today’s page! I’m drawing a page a day to get this comic done, and as of this writing there are 58 pages left. Between now and then, I sure could use a little financial help. And my heartfelt thanks to the four donators so far! You guys are awesome.

Tell you what: if you donate between now and Monday, I’ll also reveal the music-related joke! It may or may not be funny, but I promise it will be interesting.

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