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Moondoggie’s not one for long (or even short) goodbyes. He’d rather head back to the lake house and make sure the beers are cold for the inevitable after-fight party.

Stop by Monday! Eden has something important to say to her sister.


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That’s right! The world of the Mud People is the old home of the Ca’Cubi, back when they were godlike, like in panel three of this page.

Stop by Friday! More is on the way.


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It’s time for everyone to start saying their goodbyes, and that’s what this week will be about.

But stay tuned! There are six more pages left, and a surprise.


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This is a poorly drawn page, and I’m sorry for it. I told Raven that finishing this comic has been like taking the Ring back to Mordor. haha

Every page has been worse than the last! Let’s see if I can get my act together for the last seven pages!


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Woo hoo! We’ve won!

But there’s something more, isn’t there? Something big.

Stop by Friday! Let’s work it out.


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I’m glad we got that all cleared up!

Well, it looks like the conversation’s winding down a bit, and we’ve only got nine pages left before the story’s over.

Stay tuned! A couple more surprises are in store.


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Not much of a Friday cliffhanger. More of an explanation of how time travel can really mess up your day if you go too far back and change too many fundamental things.

So you’ve got all weekend to tell me what you think about the “Hampstead Loop” theory of time travel here. Would that happen to anyone who went backwards and changed something important? Let me know what you think!

And stop by Monday. A few more loose ends get tied up, and then some goodbyes.

We are almost done, after all. But don’t worry. There’s a surprise at the end!


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Make sense so far? I hope so!

If not, stop by Friday! There are three people who have seen, heard and learned enough to put Hampstead’s history together: Eden, Dee, and Locus.

On Friday’s page, they’ll do that, so don’t miss it!


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This cosmic collision occurred right after panel three of this page, in case you were wondering.

Stop by Wednesday! It just gets weirder from here.

Oh, and: background image of today’s page is courtesy JPL/NASA. Thanks for keeping the Hubble telescope up there, NASA! You make my comics look awesome.

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