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First off, check out the banner right above this text. That links to Grace Comes Home, which is a cool comic. Andrew Zar and I are doing some cross-promotional banner madness, so head over there and check out Grace! All the DarkBrain comics I’ve read so far are good, but I love monster women comics, and Grace has two monster women in it! It’s awesome.

So there you go! Issue 17! I hope you enjoyed it. We got to see Moondoggie wolf out and we got to see the Raath do the other thing it was designed to do (besides this, of course).

We got to see Xel’Duum again, as well as the longest scene with Hampstead since the comic began. And then we finally got to see Isaac and Eden eat the Fruit. I’ve been waiting since Issue 5 to draw this page, you know.

So yes, you get two cliffhangers this issue. Both will be resolved next issue. No more hanging plot threads. We’re too close to the end.

Stop by Wednesday for the front cover to Issue 18, which is one of the last three issues of Locus. I will talk more about that later on this week.

Fun note:

The map to Heaven is hidden in the artwork above. If you buy a print of this page, I will point it out to you and even give you a map of the whole Realms of the Dead. The print is 11″x17″, full-color and gorgeous. The map of the Realms of the Dead is a PDF. I’ll make a print of that later.

Now, if you buy the original art of this page, I will give you the original brush & inkwork on 11″x17″ bristol board, plus everything in the above paragraph. I will also stop making prints of the page, because I don’t make prints of pages which have sold.

Prints are $25 each or 2 for $40. Original artwork is $150; print is free.

If you’re interested in a print or original art from another page, email me! indigoshift@gmail.com

We’ll work it out.


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I’m sorry this page is so slow, but I do need to show you that he has these three things.

So are they gonna eat it? Stop by Monday and find out!


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Eden knows what to do with the Forbidden Fruit, but is that really a surprise at this point? She’s the smartest woman you’ve ever met!

Some important announcements:

The “Donate for a Sneak-Peek” button will be going away soon; you can stop using it now. I can’t keep up with it. Sorry, guys. And I haven’t been keeping up with the vote incentives for a week now, but that’s because of a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff. A site redesign, some collaboration with some other comic artists and sites…so much going on right now.

I will get back on the vote incentives once I’m back on schedule for Locus pages. That will be later this week. I appreciate all the votes so far! You guys are throwing lots of new traffic this way.

There is a lot of traffic coming from Russia, too, now that Locus is being translated into Russian by Shihad! Thanks, man! And welcome to all the Russians!

You Russians should be reading Raven’s Dojo, Cyko Kid, The Path, Phineus, Endstone, Chaos Campus and Dynagirl! There are links up there to the right of the comic. Check ‘em all out.

(You can click that stuff if you’re not Russian, too. I’ll let ya.)


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What the hell, Adam Black? Are you telling me that the previous page is going to be a cliffhanger for more than the weekend? Why you gotta write like that?

This is the second-to-last Big Cliffhanger, so enjoy it! I just got done finalizing the script for the final three issues of Locus, which starts next week. We are that close to the end. Only 82 updates away.

But first, Isaac and Eden.

In other important news, Raven has finished his move. There was a hurricane going on at the time, but he got through it anyway and is back on track with Raven’s Dojo!

You should start reading from here if you’re gonna get caught back up on the crazy moon adventures and the coolest moon dog I’ve…ever . . .

No. Wait.

Raven, you bastard! *shakes fist*


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If it’s not clear in the last panel, Locus’ finger lightly brushed one of sleeping Eden’s curls.

So does that count? Is Hampstead going to know they’re in his head?

In other news: more roof repairs! It has put me a couple days behind in everything I’ve been doing. I’m going to spend as much time this week as I can to get worked ahead again, but I’ll drop in and check comments and forum posts. Won’t be online much else than that this week.

Half-asleep right now, so I’m gonna finish up here and go to bed!


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This sequence is the last big test of the coloring style I’ve been working on. It’s been fun but exhausting.

So what was the big monkey wrench in Hampstead’s plans back then? Stop by Monday and find out!

Spend your weekend checking out the comics that my friends make! Have you seen Dornail’s Blow-Up Fu fighting the OmegaDog?

Dude. Get on that!

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