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And that’s it for Issue 16! I hope you liked it. I sure had fun with it.

And, in case you forgot, today is the last day of the Locus Sweet Sixteen art sale. Which means the original artwork (plus a bitchin’ full-color print) of this image is $100, today only. By this time tomorrow, this piece will be its usual price of $150 plus shipping. Likewise, you can get 2 prints for $40 today only. Tomorrow, they’ll be $25 each plus shipping.

If all that sounds too expensive, you can donate a buck or two with the Donate button at top right up there. And you can’t tell me Rasputin riding a Giant Stone Head with wicked metal wings out in the middle of the ocean isn’t worth a couple bucks. Hahahahaaaa

Thanks to everyone who has donated and bought artwork so far! Our friend Moose O Death donated a hundred bucks! And he’s got a whole WH40K army with a Bloodied Ones theme! Hit the forums and you’ll see how cool that is.

Stop by Friday! The cover to Issue 17 will be there for your viewing pleasure. As you know, I don’t normally like to put a cover on a Friday update, but I’m on a very specific, tight schedule here. Issue 17 is one of the Final Four issues of Locus!

It’s all gonna ramp up from now till the end, so stick around! Issue 17 is, in fact, the Hampstead Issue. He’s only had a couple quick scenes so far, but in #17 we will get to know him very well.

Madness and evil abound in Issue 17, so don’t miss it!


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Words of advice from Moondoggie. But what’s the KRAKOOM all about?

Big surprise on Wednesday! Don’t miss it!


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Sorry, kids. No cliffhanger today! Unless you’re tired of all the talkity-talk, in which case your cliffhanger can be, “Is the talking over yet? Who writes this crap?!?”

Note that there are only two pages left to Issue 16! This time next week will be the cover to Issue 17…one of the Final Four issues of Locus. How time flies!

Spend your weekend hanging out over at Raven’s Dojo, where you can see a Moon Dog of an entirely different breed! I hereby declare July as Moondog Month.

You can find the link to Raven’s Dojo above the ad over there on the right. Check out the other comics listed there, too. They are all amazing and awesome.

Come back Monday! There’s still a surprise in store.


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Moondoggie’s a bit taken aback at Locus’ habit of dying.

Stop by Friday! Ol’Moondog has some words of advice, and they start on Friday. You don’t want to miss them. Between now and then, head over to the forums and post your favorite Deep Purple videos in the Random Thread!

Or if that’s not your thing, you can check out my Comic-Makin’ Friends. Look for the links above the ad on the right over there. Tell my Comic-Makin’ Friends that I sent you!

I’ve also started creating t-shirts and other fun stuff at Zazzle.com. Click here to see where I’ll be putting everything. I’ll be adding to it slowly and steadily, but if there’s something you have to have RIGHT NOW, let me know! I will totally hook you up.


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I introduced Locus’ Tulpa in Issue 3, and I’m just now finding a scene where I can explain it. Thanks, Moondoggie, for the help!

The Crazy Voodoo Dude he’s referring to is the bald guy with the pet zombie and skull cane in panel three of this page. Like most of the people and monsters on that page, he used to have a much bigger part to play in this story. However, that was fifteen years and God Knows How Many Rewrites ago.

At any rate: stop by Wednesday! The next couple pages should be very eye-opening for you.

And then there will be that big surprise I keep hinting at. Woo hoo!


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And there you go! The fight between Locus and the Mexican Army & Air Force. I’d like to say that I’ve had a great time drawing the Lynx 90 AFV and especially the F-5 on today’s page. I love the F-5. It’s an icon of those days when jets were first becoming supersonic and the sky was the limit…so to speak. The F-5 will always be a classy bird in my book. My thanks to the Fuerzas Armadas de Mexico for having vehicles that are so much fun to draw.

Stop by on Monday! The flashback is over, so let’s reconvene on Moondoggie’s boat for the last four pages of this issue.

Stay tuned! There will be a surprise. A big surprise.


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I’ve been waiting to draw this scene ever since I made up this crazy armor. It was everything I’d hoped it to be. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you really dig it, hit that Donate button at top right and throw a buck or two this way! Think if that as a Like or +1 button that actually does something useful. In this case: it keeps me alive long enough to finish this comic. hahaa

Or…click those sexy wallpapers that my friend (and yours!) Raven Perez did of Spook and Locus! I’ve already printed mine out and I rub them all over my body when my wife isn’t looking. Sshh…don’t tell her! She already thinks there’s something wrong with me.

And my extra thanks to Paul, Craig, Raven, Jay, Daniel, Richard, Robert, Peter, Hendrik, and Cassandra for donating already this week! You guys are the coolest.

Speaking of Raven…you’d better go get caught up with Raven’s Dojo between now and Friday! Crazy shenanigans on the Moon. Awesome near-naked astronaut girls, mysteries, corpses…oh, man. It’s great.

I’d link it here, but I just did that and it killed the browser window and now I’m typing all this shit twice. Just look over on the right and you’ll see Raven’s Dojo in a list of comics that you should be reading all the time!

Stop by Friday! Let’s wrap up the flashback so we can get back to Moondoggie on his boat. I know you miss ol’Moondog…whatcha say we hang out with him for a couple of pages?


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So there you go. Ebhothe’s Daggers boil your blood till you die, and it’s not a quick (or painless) death. All thirteen of The Bloodied Ones had some sort of nasty surprise hidden in their weapons, and this was Ebhothe’s.

Stop by Wednesday! I’ll show you something you’ve never seen before.

Between now and then, check out the new wallpapers Raven Perez drew for you! You can see them right above this text, or at the links under the top banner. Any donation amount gets you any size you like, and that art’s worth its weight in gold! Thanks, Raven!

Also keep in mind that original art and prints are also on sale for the rest of Issue 16! $100 for any page you see, or 2 for $40 prints. And if you’re in the US, you get free shipping!

I will have an honest-to-god store set up soon, so if there’s a certain type of Locus merch you’ve always wanted to see, now’s the time to let me know!


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For page 16 of Locus’ Sweet 16, I figured she should get to shoot a big machine gun. I doubt it’ll ever happen again, but there you go.

Stop by Monday! I’ll finally explain what those knives do. I would’ve explained it on this page, but there was that whole machine gun thing going on.

And if you’re on Google+, make sure I have you in my “Locus Fans” circle! If you’re not on G+, let me know. I’ll totally hook you up.


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Locus stabs right through the tank and into that poor guy’s eye! And it’s just gonna get messier from there.

Two pages from now, I’ll actually explain why those knives do that. So stay tuned!

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