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Suddenly . . . Moondoggie!

I told you you’d be surprised.

Hey, spend the weekend over on the New Locus Forums! They’re brand new and all shiny! I will be spending this weekend setting up threads and just hanging out and causing trouble. Join me! It’ll be fun.

My thanks to Seebo and Etzel for all that work. 99.9% of what you see there is all because of those two. Thanks, guys!

Stop by Monday for the cover to Issue 16!


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What the…? Did he just skip over the whole fight?!? Who writes this shit?!?

There’s a reason for that, actually, but I can’t tell you without giving away the surprise on the next page, and the surprises that will come at the beginning of Issue 16. If you’ve read this far and still don’t trust me on this, I don’t know what to tell ya.

I will show you the fight, I promise, but I have to do it a certain way. Stick around! You’ll see.

If nothing else, stop by Friday for the big surprise!


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Hmm. That’s not good.

Truth be told, no one should be surprised that this happened. I’ve been hinting at it for the last two issues, at least.

Wednesday and Friday are the last two pages of Issue 15, so don’t miss it! You don’t want to miss the surprise, do you? Of course you don’t!

And, while you’re waiting for the next page, check out my friend B. Alex Thompson’s “Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies“!

Now, I know zombie comics have been done to death, but Alex puts an awesome spin on the whole thing, and has a lot of fun doing it. And the writing! God DAMN. That guy writes circles around me. You will enjoy the fuck out of his pop culture references. Just wait till Beavis & Butthead & Jay & Silent Bob show up! It’s hilarious. I love it.

Anyway, go check it out! Tell him I sent you.


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Ebhothe’s armor isn’t made for running, as we’ve already seen. It also wasn’t designed with anything but fatal damage in mind.

Kind of like that tank round that just got shot at Locus in the last panel! Okay, technically it isn’t a tank. It’s a Lynx 90, so named for the 90mm shell it fires out of that barrel. And magic armor or not, you know that’s gotta sting.

Stop by next week! Let’s wrap this up.


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Uh oh! She’s dropped both of Ebhothe’s daggers, is completely unconscious, and the Army is moving in!


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The Mexican Army and Air Force don’t take no shit from chicks in weird armor!

Five more pages to this fight, and one big huge surprise. Don’t miss it!


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One of the things I like about Phantasm is the lighting. Watch that film on the largest screen you can find, then turn out the lights. There are parts of that movie that are just these little islands of trees or gravestones floating in an ocean of black. It’s great. This scene is going to be filmed in a similar fashion.

Don Coscarelli is the man.

Also: every time Locus kills a spider in this comic, take a drink and shout, “That’s for you, Mom!” That’s the first rule of the Locus Drinking Game. More will be added as time allows.

Stop by next week! Between now and then, go read Raven’s Dojo and Endstone! Both are cool comics with cool art by cool dudes. I will, at some point, find time to plug everyone I should be plugging right now. Which reminds me…

If I don’t have the forums up and running by the time this page goes live, you guys should start nagging the hell out of me.


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There are many stories about people using ancient, magical weapons against modern armament, and they’re all pretty ridiculous to one extent or another. This is my take on that situation.

Keep in mind that Ebhothe’s armor and knives have certain powers they pass on to their user, but the fact remains that these items were forged to battle enemies who used clubs, knives, swords, and other very primitive arms. When used against 21st-century weaponry, a number of interesting questions arise.

Sure, the armor will keep you alive, but what about tasers? Tear gas? How about being hit in the chest with an RPG-29 Vampir, as we see on today’s page? You’ll survive the impact, but at the very least it’ll knock the wind out of you.

In short: you cannot die when you’re wearing the armor of The Bloodied Ones, but what about the basic laws of physics? I actually calculated the impact between an RPG-29 projectile and a 20-year old girl at the top of her jump arc ,and how far it might throw her. Then I dolled it up a bit so it would look good on screen.

So . . . think about that while you’re watching this fight unfold, because I know there are many of you who grew up exposed to stories of little Japanese schoolgirls kicking everyone’s ass with swords and guns and shit. And I gotta tell you: this isn’t going to be one of those fights.

And if you’re a student of Newtonian Physics, feel free to double-check my math during this battle!


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Well, that was fun. Nice to see that those two got back together and are enjoying themselves.

Wave farewell to Isaac and Eden. Let’s get back to that thing I showed you on the cover. The rest of this issue is full of violence and surprises, so strap in and get your barf bag ready.

Thanks to everyone who grabbed a Kid Locus Monster Face wallpaper! And big thanks to everyone who has ordered a custom comic page so far! I’m not taking any new commissions for awhile. I’ll let you know when I’ve got time to do more! It’ll be as soon as I can, because they’re a lot of fun to work on.

Hey! Between now and the next page, go check out Stef Leppard’s cover of Coheed and Cambria’s “Welcome Home”. Tell her I sent you and don’t forget to call her Stef Leppard. She digs that.


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People have been asking me since the comic started: “How does she get her hair to do that? Is that hairspray? Magic?”

The answer is: she gets it from her mother.

And hey! It’s Friday the 13th. Go watch a horror movie tonight. I recommend Phantasm, because that’s a big influence on Locus and my work in general. I saw this movie when I was 9 years old, and it’s left an indelible mark on everything I write and draw.

My kids are in their late teens and early 20s right now, and I showed them Event Horizon when they were 8 and 13. Phantasm, too! Everyone needs a traumatic horror movie experience at a young age. If you have children about this age, tonight’s the night to introduce them to the irreplaceable and life-improving experience of Surprise B-Grade Horror.

Don’t deny your children this precious gift! If you do, they’ll grow up to be automatons under the sinister control of the Disney Corporation, and you don’t want that shit, man.

And if you’d like a custom-sized super-cool computer wallpaper of Locus’ monster face in panel 3, drop two bucks on my donate button up there! There will be a place to enter a message–put your screen resolution in that message. Otherwise, I have to email you and it takes longer to get your wallpaper to you.

I’ll be selling this wallpaper today only! I’m working ahead this weekend.

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